The Fanatical Platform

Discover who your brand should engage.
Build relationships with them, proactively and systematically.
Work with them to accomplish your goals.

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Discover which people your brand should engage.

  • Create nuanced audiences specific to your brand
  • Define custom audience segments
  • Focus on those who matter most: superfans, influencers and advocates


Systematically and proactively focus on relationships.

  • Launch targeted, personalized messaging initiatives
  • Boost your engagement and intensify your brand’s relationships
  • Build lasting, loyal relationships with brand advocates


Work with your engaged fans to accomplish your goals.

  • Add scale to authentic messaging campaigns
  • Track results by campaigns, individuals, and audiences
  • Measure conversions, value, and performance



Track custom audiences

Define an audience, brand, candidate or product with audience keywords. Fanatical analyzes and stores the conversations they appear in, and creates profiles for the people using them.


Segment your audience

Break each audience down into useful, micro-targeted segments to maximize authenticity and to focus your initiatives, messages, campaigns, and event engagement efforts.


Home in on your most influential, valuable fans

Fanatical analyzes social activity within each audience and assigns a score that ranks each audience member by relevance to your brand.


Measure, learn, adapt

Get continuously-updated data on the characteristics of each audience, segment, fan, and initiative results, so that you can continuously adapt and refocus your social marketing campaigns.


Add scale to authentic campaigns

Launch systematic, precise messaging campaigns to the people in your custom segments. With Fanatical’s initiatives, you can interact at scale without sacrificing an authentic, one-on-one approach.


Act on multiple platforms

Fanatical brings relationship-building power to Twitter and Instagram.

Selected clients

Fanatical works for brands, agencies, sports teams, personalities, political campaigns and anyone looking to build an audience for great content.

  • Seth Moulton for Congress
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Boston Bruins
  • AwesomenessTV
  • Technology for Obama
  • Silver Oak Cellars
  • Yosemite - DNC Parks and Resorts
  • Eddie Bauer

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