Turn Fans into FanaticsTM

Fanatical makes it easy to connect with the fans
you want and gives you the tools to build
a loyal, engaged audience.

Target An Audience
Specific To Your Brand

Want to identify your most hard-core fans and discover what gets their motor running? Check.

Want to find those MOST LIKELY to become great fans? Check.

You'll have to create the groups, but Fanatical has got you covered.

Engage With The Fans Who Matter Most

Connect with droves of fans at a deeper level, without wasting effort reaching out to bots and so-called "influencers" who will never become your advocates. With Fanatical, you'll know what to say, when to say it, and who to say it to. You'll master 1-to-1 interaction at scale, but it's our little secret. The street cred is on the house.

Take An Informed & Proactive Approach

Whether your goal is building a thriving social community, spreading awareness about a brand or project, driving online traffic, or all the above, Fanatical gives you the data and insights to show what's working, what's not, and who your true superfans are. Armed with that intelligence, you can effectively align your social media strategy with your business goals.

Knowing who your brand should be talking to on social media channels can be difficult. Fanatical uses a variety of criteria and social media data to automatically generate target user groups that simplify the identification process.

Once you know the communities and people you want to target, it’s time to gather info! Learn about the activity levels of the groups you’ve created as well as the conversation trends that drive discussion.

Word-of-mouth marketing is a great way to build buzz and trust for your brand. Use Fanatical to start conversations in targeted communities and get people talking!

Relationships on social media channels are best when they’re sustainable. Fanatical gives you the tools to build lasting, loyal relationships with brand evangelists.